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The Loud House 2

In the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan, Lincoln Loud is the only boy and middle child in a family of eleven children. He has ten sisters with distinctive personalities: bossy eldest child Lori; ditzy fashionista Leni; musician Luna; comedian Luan; athletic Lynn; gloomy goth Lucy; polar-opposite twins Lola and Lana; child genius Lisa, and baby Lily. Lincoln often encounters problems as a result of his large amount of family members, which his best friend Clyde helps him solve. Clyde spends much of his time at the Loud House and communicates with Lincoln via a walkie-talkie when he is not around. Lincoln normally explains his issues to the audience by breaking the fourth wall and speaking to the viewers. While most of Lincoln's plans to make his life easier backfire, his predicaments tend to bring the family closer together.

Duration: na min/episode

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.4